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HOORAY!!!! 2G is coming – the mask says goodbye!!

From November 1st the time has finally come. Tiemann’s team finally welcomes all guests again without mask and distance.

In order to gain access to Tiemann’s Hotel & Restaurant, you will need one of the following documents:

Due to the seamless 2G regulation, it is again permitted in our house to move around without a mask and not to keep any distances.

Children, adolescents up to the age of 18 and people who have a medical certificate stating that they are not allowed to be vaccinated due to medical contraindications or participation in a clinical study and who submit a PoC antigen test (max. 24 hours old) also need then not to keep a distance and not to wear a mouth and nose covering.

The data acquisition via the Luca app is still something we still have.

For events with more than 25 people, please contact us directly.

From November 1st the following guidelines apply:

++ Corona hygiene guidelines restaurant | PDF

++ Corona hygiene guidelines hotel | PDF